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Estella Pereida-Merino

My duties are explaining treatment plans and answering any questions patients may have. I have always enjoyed office administration tasks and I love my job! I have been in the field of orthodontics since Sept. 1993 and with Dr. Martin since May 2005. I like getting to know different types of people and learning their ways and cultures. I also like the comfort of knowing I have helped someone in pain. We have a great team that works well together, and I learn a lot each day.

I am originally from El Monte, CA. I've been in Las Vegas since 2000. My family includes my husband, Bobby; sons, Ryan and Steven; and our pet Chihuahua, Hercules. I am a proud year-round baseball mom and I volunteer at my son's schools and am very involved with the Susan Kohman Breast Cancer Awareness Program. I am a very positive person who lives one day at a time.

My advice: See your dentist every 6 months to prevent future problems.



Andrea Thomas, Office Manager

I have been in the dental field for 10 years. The staff at a dental office I took my daughter to for emergency treated us like family and were so patient with my daughter, it inspired me to take a career in dentistry. I knew I wanted to help people and treat them the same way I was treated. I joined the practice 2 years ago, but have been working with Dr. Robin Lee for the past 10 years at other practices. My favorite thing about dentistry is making a difference in someone's life. I enjoy seeing our patients' lives changed. I also like knowing they enjoy coming to the dentist! When I see patients smile and they come in and tell me how wonderful we are, I know I have made a difference. And it is nice to hear it. Our team loves to work together and feel like we are family. My profession means the world to me! I love coming to the office everyday to be greeted by my patients and staff.

I am originally from Canton, OH, and have also lived in San Diego, CA and Las Vegas, NV. In my free time, I enjoy spending time and playing games with my husband and kids. I bet you didn't know: I have a child in college!!!!

My advice: Everyone says flossing does not make much of a difference, but IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE LATER IN LIFE! START EARLY AND PREVENT ANY POTENTIAL PROBLEMS.


Tasha Ardaiz, Surgical Assistant

As a surgical assistant, I assist the surgeon in various surgical scenarios. Most patients are in pain and scared. I help to comfort them and guide them through difficult procedures. I have been in this field for 6 years and have been at the same practice for this long. My favorite thing about dentistry is helping people in pain feel better. Dr. Martin is a fantastic oral surgeon. I have worked with him for 6 years and he has taught me so much. We have a great surgical team!

I am originally from Tyler, TX, and have lived in Las Vegas since 1991. My family includes my husband, Ken,and our children, Parker and Shayne. Our pets include Thomas, a Rottweiler and Bearded Dragon, a boxer and kota. Outside of work I help at my children's school. I bet you didn't know: I am an extreme hockey fan!

My advice: Brush your teeth at least twice a day and please floss!



Iliana Olivares

I have been in dentistry for four years; knowing I would be in the dental field for many years, I consider this is my lifelong career. I joined the practice in November 2007. My favorite thing about dentistry is helping patients feel better when they are in pain. I enjoy having conversations with my patients and getting to know them. I love meeting new people. I've learned a lot about different people and different ways of life from each person who comes into the practice. I also learn from the team here and I enjoy working with them all. There is always someone to talk freely with. There is no pressure. It is a very relaxed atmosphere. Making a difference in people's lives without realizing the impact I have on them means a lot to me.

I am originally fro Los Angeles and have lived in Las Vegas since 2003. I am married with a daughter and my first son is on the way! When I'm not at work I like being home with my family.

My advice: Brush your teeth twice a day.

 Georgie Ruiz

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 Susanna Olivares

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